Project Echo

Project Echo is a Millennial-Driven Insights Partnership for Today’s Content Marketer

The Millennial generation – sometimes known as “echo boomers”  – are as important to the future of marketing as they are unique in what defines them. Millennials are more driven by purpose and a desire to affect the wider social good; they grew up with smart mobile devices and are more connected than any prior generation; they are producers of media as much as they are consumers, and view social media as the natural fabric of their daily lives.

In short, they represent incredibly unique challenges – and massive opportunities – for smart brands who can figure out how to genuinely connect with Millennials rather than just market to them.

That’s why Project Echo exists. We’re a joint effort between Pace, the content agency fueling many of the world’s leading brands, and Elon University’s Live Oak Communications, a uniquely innovative student-run communications agency. Our goal is  to bring the brands Pace works with closer to Millennials, gathering their perspectives to develop unique insights and strategies that tap into the power of content and storytelling to create genuine connections between brands and the “echo boomers” who represent the future.

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