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For the Employee, With the Employee and By the Employee: How a CPG leader maximizes employee brand storytelling to recruit the best and brightest tech talent

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The pandemic, in combination with today’s social climate, has accelerated already existing U.S. consumer and workforce trends. With Big Tech and startups often imagined as the North Stars, more “traditional” companies are left struggling to stand out. This white paper explains how brands can develop an employee-focused brand storytelling program to successfully target, engage and recruit a competitive audience group in today’s highly competitive job market.

Brand Attachment: Building emotional connections across the customer journey

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Consumers will encounter thousands of brands in a lifetime but will develop meaningful attachments to only a few of them, and there is a proven science to it. It starts with understanding the difference between transactional brand loyalty and emotional brand attachment. This paper will explain how brands move from transactional loyalty to a new realm of unbeatable, unmatched and irreplaceable true customer brand attachment.

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Pace’s Digital Acceleration Model

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Digitization is at the forefront of growth. Both consumers and a highly competitive digitized market are demanding it. But no transformation is easy, so how can brands big and small successfully achieve digital progress? Pace’s digital acceleration model helps brands achieve their digital advancement goals by breaking up the digitization process into smaller, more manageable digital acceleration projects.


Understanding Omnichannel Campaign Performance

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Data is more accessible than ever. But with data often being spread out, overlapping and complicated, it’s common for brands to feel overwhelmed and lose sight of the questions they originally intended for their data to answer. Pace’s customizable omnichannel approach combines data with context to create easy-to-understand reporting tools and insights that help brands define forward action and meet business objectives.

The Age of Agile Content

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The pressure is on to create winning content that propels brand stories into the market and resonates with consumers. Pace’s Agile Content Engine (ACE)™ is a proprietary content marketing model that allows brands to organize people, processes, platforms and performance into an efficient multi-channel content ecosystem that delivers results.


Employee Experience: Impacts on brand health

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Today’s consumers are buying from companies who are doing good, treating their employees well, and are overall creating a positive impact on the world. Brands now face a unique challenge of presenting themselves as altruistic with a great workplace atmosphere, without coming off as stuffy or fake. The key to this balance is engaging your employees’ storytelling power. In this paper, we show brands how to create an exemplary employee experience in order to produce positive brand sentiment, more engagement and a higher ROI.

2020 Mid-Year Marketing Report: What we’ve learned & looking ahead

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Today’s consumers are mindful of trends now more than ever. Trends have the power to define the marketing landscape and change the way brands operate in the long term. How a brand responds to trends—especially those brought about by a significant cultural shift—will dictate how they stay relevant and engaged with their consumer. In this white paper, we explore recent cultural shifts and the ways in which brands can adapt to remain successful and authentic.


Travel and Hospitality Marketing: Trend report

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We’ve gone from not having landlines to not having permanent homes—there has been a cultural shift from a society built on staying in place to one of being on the go. Travel & Hospitality brands need to adapt quickly to cater to changing consumer mindsets. These insights and key findings can help your brand break through the noise and position itself as a leader in Travel & Hospitality to emerging millennial and Gen Z consumers.


Best Customer Myth: The Gold’s Gym journey of discovery and brand evolution through audience insights

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Evolving a brand in the face of steep competition and shifting consumer expectations often means a brand has to look beyond its current best customer point of view. While profiles and personas of those you have served may be of some value, they are not the holy grail of growth, expansion and new consumer acquisition. Pace partnered with Gold’s Gym to explore what happens when a brand leaves the single best customer notion behind and focuses on multiple best customers, using audience research and insights to create a tailored experience.


The Next Generation of Luxury: The forces behind how the new luxury audience engages with brands they love

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Economic shifts, changing community values, and the ever-present pressure of social media have caused Millennials and Generation Z to make drastically different brand attachments than their predecessors. This emerging affluent generation is changing the definition of luxury. In this white paper, we explore the cause behind this shift and how brands can adapt to remain successful within this new space.