Don’t Sweat the Likes: Choosing the Right Instagram Metrics for Your Business

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We’re thankful social platforms provide so many metrics to help us evaluate campaign performance. Metrics have grown beyond the simple sums of likes: Now the most common platforms report saves, shares, profile visits and many other specific measurements. Should your goal be getting as many likes and followers as possible? (Maybe it is.) Or maybe you want an engaged audience, and going viral really isn’t your aim.

Using a carefully planned measurement framework, you should track metrics that are specific to your goals—and don’t worry about out-of-the-box measurements provided by the platform. Sometimes, metrics you build yourself can address performance for your specific business objectives. For example, if you have a rapidly growing account and want to reflect variability in sharing across posts, normalize the count of shares by dividing by the number of followers at the time each of the posts was gathering shares.

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