We collaborate with brands of all types to develop forward-thinking, contemporary and innovative social media programs. Our approach considers audience needs first so we can produce content in line with your brand vision and strategic roadmap.

By developing data-driven strategies and delivering compelling content  and owned media experiences, we engage the right audiences in the right context, inspiring them to deeper connection with your brands. Our teams relentlessly monitor the competition, industry and market as well,  so we’re always ready to respond appropriately to relevant events or to manage community needs. After listening to the chatter, we identify trends, track response and optimize efforts regularly to proactively drive awareness, engagement and a sense of community across social platforms.

Driven by performance insights, we use a social-first approach to content creation to slow the scroll and move audiences to action. Whether derived from a long-form piece or developed specifically for social deployment, we adapt every piece for top relevance across each channel and device type. Our integrated approach also keeps organic search and paid media in mind, addressing audience segmentation and analytics for prioritization of content across channels.

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