How Luxury Fashion Brands Use Social Media

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Luxury and beauty brands are all over social media to connect with fashionistas around the globe.

Researchers from the University of Buffalo’s Department of Communications describe the three main functions of using social media for nonprofits as (1) information, (2) community and (3) action. The same goes for major consumer brands.

The first function, information, is about attracting followers and spreading relevant news about the brand. The community function serves to engage those followers, and to promote interactivity and dialogue. Those posts range from thanking fans to acknowledging current events like a holiday soiree or a runway show. Action posts aim to get followers to do something for the organization, such as buying the latest bomber jacket or donating to the brand’s cause.

Luxury brands such as BurberryLVMHNet-A-Porter and David Yurman use a variety of social platforms to release details about recent projects (information), connect with customers (community) and persuade them to buy their latest gear (action).  By virtue of being in the fashion industry, all of the brands use visuals to tell their stories.

Here’s a breakdown of how these five brands are using a variety of social platforms to promote their businesses.

Burberry uses social media to show its distinctive attitude toward fashion

Brand: Burberry
 Burberry describes itself as a “157 year-old global brand with a distinctly British attitude.”
Social presence: Facebook | Twitter & Vine | Instagram | YouTube | Google+ | Pinterest
Social Platform with largest following: Facebook – More than 16.7 million likes

Burberry is the epitome of British style and luxury, so it aligns itself with celebrities and artists in the same vein. Its Facebook page utilizes photos and videos galore. The London-based fashion house posts images of ads, old stores and runway shows. The page utilizes hashtags such as #ThisIsBrit to promote the Brit Rhythm men’s fragrance launchand the Brit Rhythm concerts.

Besides images, Burberry utilizes a Facebook app to provide the Burberry Acoustic playlist, which showcases emerging British musicians, and plays the tracks within Facebook. YouTube videos of the artists also appear in the Newsfeed. Although Burberry isn’t in the music industry, this project can attract a wider audience that enjoys other aspects of British pop culture and wants to learn about new artists.

Burberry acoustic

The Instagram account uses separate images than those found on Facebook. The Facebook photos appear to be professional, highly stylized and edited. They are the photos that appear on the website and in ads.

The Instagram account, however, posts images that could have been taken by anyone with a smartphone. The fashion house enlisted top Instagram photographers to generate buzz about the Brit Rhythm fragrance, using the #ThisIsBrit hashtag. People who received samples in the mail posted their special deliveries on Instagram, tagging @Burberry. Burberry’s Instagram posts show London in its full glory with images of the brightly lit flagship store and Big Ben through the London mist. Anyone following Burberry on social media will feel immersed in London culture.

David Yurman advances his take on fashion with use-generated content on social media.

Brand: David Yurman
 David Yurman is one of the top names in high-end jewelry. His work is often inspired by elements found in nature.
Social presence: Facebook | Twitter Instagram | YouTube | Google+ | Pinterest
Social Platform with largest following: Facebook – More than 218,000 likes

David Yurman employs user-generated social media content to showcase his brand’s jewelry and enlist help for a holiday fashion guide. On Facebook and Twitter, the jewelry company asks customers to upload pictures of their signature style using the hashtags #imagine and #davidyurman at Each week, an image featuring two “DY Style Leaders” wearing David Yurman baubles is posted on the Facebook and Twitter feeds from the photo submissions.

The company includes the Style Leaders picks in an online gift guide, which is promoted via social media. People love to win contests and love to see themselves. The David Yurman social team knows it—and they take full advantage with this campaign.

tweet from David Yurman

Luois Vuitton engages young fashion leaders on social media.

Brand: LVMH
 The Louis Vuitton—Moët Hennessy luxury goods group has a unique portfolio that includes more than 60 brands. The Paris-based group is active in five sectors: wine and spirits, fashion and leather goods, perfumes and cosmetics, watches and jewelry, and selective retailing.
Social presence: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Pinterest
Social Platform with largest following: Facebook – More than 154,000 likes

The LVMH group uses Facebook tabs to integrate several of its social media accounts – YouTube, Instagram and Pinterest – on its page. Facebook posts are published in both English and French to accommodate the global market and the group’s home base in Paris. Posts mostly showcase luxurious items from high-end brands, links to buy those items and special campaigns, such as the contest for the LVMH Young Fashion Designers Prize. Photos and videos make viewers pine for an international excursion with those fine items. For example, three of the 10 LVMH Pinterest boards include images of breathtaking landscapes and homes from Spain to Japan.

Net-A-Porter uses social platforms to take shoppers behind the scenes.

Brand: Net-A-Porter
 Net-A-Porter is a premiere luxury fashion website presented in the style of a magazine. The site posts high fashion editorial content each week, and visitors can access the hottest looks of the season from the top international labels.
Social presence: Facebook | Twitter and Vine | Instagram | YouTube | Google+ | Pinterest | Tumblr
Social Platform with largest following: Facebook – More than 1.1 million likes

Net-A-Porter’s Facebook and Google+ pages are also very photo-heavy. Most, if not all, posts, are accompanied by an image. They are conversion-driven, using “Shop Now”, #Designer and #Fashion in the copy. Most posts on Facebook and Twitter share information about The Edit magazine, exclusive competitions and behind-the-stage footage from runway shows and photo shoots. The YouTube videos and Pinterest boards that feature The Edit editor, Kim Hersov, help the Net-A-Porter audience translate looks from the runway into their everyday style.  Overall, the social media accounts put shoppers behind the scenes of the company and help them understand how to include high-end fashion in their daily lives, which could ultimately lead to conversions.

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