People Turn to TikTok Creators for Financial Education

Here are 10 TikTok finance influencers to look out for.
By Pace Editor

I recently wrote a blog post about why businesses of all shapes and sizes should consider incorporating TikTok into their brand’s marketing strategy. In it, I highlight examples of brands who’ve seen great success on TikTok and provide tips on how to get started on the fastest-growing social media platform in the world. So, if you haven’t already, I highly recommend checking it out.

In my previous blog post, I mention the vast array of content and genres available on TikTok from both individual content creators and brands. Today, I’d like to dig into one especially noteworthy category of videos on the app that emphasizes educating users on a never-ending selection of subject matters. #LearnOnTikTok, an initiative launched to facilitate learning on the platform, is just one example of how the app encourages creators to share their knowledge with fellow users.

One area of focus that has caught the attention of many, especially younger users, is how to manage and grow your personal wealth. TikTok creators have been able to successfully turn a notoriously challenging topic into easily digestible pieces of content that seamlessly fit into users’ endless scrolling. These influencers are helping steer their followers toward financial wellness for FREE, and we are here for it!

While there is a long list of influential TikTokers in this space, we’ve selected 10 personal finance creators you won’t want to miss (placed in order based on following at time of publication).

Mark Tilbury, @marktilbury

“Self-made millionaire” Mark Tilbury has by far the largest following of any of the creators on this list. While the seven-figure CEO and YouTuber uses conversational and often comedic skits to share his knowledge, targeting Gen Z, his insights are useful to many. His TikToks cover everything from how to get rich to the basics of bitcoin.

Humphrey Yang, @humphreytalks

Humphrey Yang, a former financial advisor, also creates skit-style TikToks to simplify personal finance and investing concepts using straightforward explanations. He has a YouTube channel as well, where he goes more in-depth on investing and spending.

Taylor Price, @pricelesstay

As a Gen Z investor herself, Taylor Price decided that it was important to “democratize” finance. She uses her channel to teach other young people how to invest, save their money and start a side hustle in terms that they can relate to and understand.

John, @johnefinance

Cohost of The Simple Money Guys podcast, John uses TikTok to “help you achieve financial independence.” Providing insights on subjects from credit cards and taxes to real estate and buying a car, he discloses hacks to save you money and breaks down industry jargon.

Steve, @calltoleap

Steve, the “Financial Freedom Coach,” is a former teacher who began living financially free in his early thirties and instructing others on how to do the same. He shares various ways to build wealth, save money and invest, while answering common money questions and providing financial life hacks. Steve also offers a free intro course through his Call To Leap coaching service.

Michela, @breakyourbudget

Michela is a 25-year-old personal finance guide putting pen to paper to give her followers visual examples and explanations of everyday financial matters like understanding how to intelligently spend your money. After graduating with a finance degree and working in the industry, she created Break Your Budget as a platform to help other young women in their 20s navigate their finances.

Vivian Tu, @yourrichbff

Vivian Tu is an ex-Wall Streeter answering your personal finance questions to help you get rich. After getting bombarded with finance questions at her tech company and seeing sketchy advice circulating during the pandemic, Vivian decided to step in and show others how to become financially literate as YourRichBFF.

Parii Bafna, @pariibafna

Parii Bafna wants her followers to join her on the journey to becoming money-savvy. Her content, aimed at younger audiences and students, makes learning about financial wellness simple with tips on how to build credit, planning for the future and starting to invest.

Kayla Kilbride, @girlstalkstocks

As her account handle suggests, Kayla Kilbride focuses her content on teaching people about investing in the stock market. She claims that she can turn a 60-minute lecture into a 60-second TikTok, and she’s not wrong. Kayla breaks down the basics of investing and the stock market in engaging ways that her followers can easily digest.

Charlotte, @savelivethrive

Charlotte is a money coach and AFC candidate teaching women to “level up their finances.” Inspired to learn about personal finances from her own student loan debts, Charlotte now wants to help fellow millennial women and others understand managing bank accounts, meeting financial goals and budgeting.

Whether you’re looking for a finance expert to use as an influencer for your business or you just need some money tips for yourself, these creators are sure to provide value.