Pace consistently delivers tactically tenacious media buys based on the following principles:

  • All media is negotiated, even media considered to be nonnegotiable by other advertisers or agencies.
  • We always seek the market floor, but we never sacrifice quality to reach it.
  • Added value is negotiated with every buy and it happens up front to ensure the value add meets the client’s goals and objectives.
  • We deploy and manage all orders through Mediaocean’s Prisma software with a stringent set of terms and conditions that clearly outline expectations such as confidentiality, delivery, rate of spend, flighting, ad rotation, viewability, brand safety, an outline of traffic verification actions, data protection compliance requirements, competitive separation, proof-of-performance requirements, reporting requirements, white- and/or blacklists and cancellation policies.
  • We generate or acquire necessary pixels, tags and UTMs. Then, we deploy and test them to ensure they’re firing correctly.
  • We then track, measure, optimize and repeat, as no media buy should ever be static.

We believe in unsurpassed media stewardship by continuously ensuring that campaigns are delivering on established KPIs such as qualified website traffic, pre- and post-buy brand recall studies, predefined conversions, media delivery, return on conversation, increase in share of voice, etc.

All media gets posted, not just broadcast.

Invoices are reconciled based on multiple criteria, not just bottom-line totals, including but not limited to the following:

  • Did the ad run on the day and time ordered?
  • Did the ad run on the correct network, program or section?
  • Did the correct creative run?
  • Did we receive equal and fair rotation on all rotators placed?
  • Did we receive fair competitive separation?
  • Did our added value run as ordered?
  • Did our digital buys have at least 60% viewability?
  • Did our digital buys run only on English sites?

If any of our client’s media does not run as ordered, we negotiate makegoods and/or cash credits as reconciliation to make certain that our clients get what they pay for (and more).

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