Why Do Brands Need Consumer Insights and Research?

An insight is an undiscovered, unexpected truth that seems strangely familiar yet not obvious. It provides a clearer understanding of complexity and acts as a springboard to new thinking. Pace’s Research Practice offers the opportunity to fill in gaps in user insights with hard data that can produce actionable results for our clients. We do this by offering primary research — qualitative, quantitative and experimental; and secondary research, using existing internal and third-party data. And we design our studies to be fast and iterative because we know our clients need to be in market now.

The Goal 

By generating actionable insights with data science, the Pace Research Practice will produce better strategy and better creative. And clients love better. Without insights, a brand is shooting for mediocre, so we will propose quick, iterative research projects to create smarter, more efficient programs that work. Hard.

Pace’s Approach and Capabilities 

At Pace, we help brands reach customers by helping fill in the gaps in user insights with hard data gathered through a mix of primary and secondary research that is qualitative and quantitative


  • Industries
  • Markets
  • Products
  • Services

Examples of Research Activities

  • Compile a primer of relevant insights
  • Deep-dive into a product category to uncover white spaces


  • User journeys
  • Attitudes
  • Behaviors

Examples of Research Activities

  • Conduct interviews, focus groups and surveys
  • Conduct card sorts
  • Ethnography


  • Channel activity
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Differentiators

Examples of Research Activities

  • Compile key information, examples and best practices
  • Derive actionable insights from overarching trends


  • Cultural
  • Economic
  • Digital
  • Content

Examples of research activities

  • Keyword volume research
  • Social listening
  • Reading industry publications and forums

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