Collecting data isn’t valuable if it isn’t usable. That’s why we build analytics dashboards that provide both at-a-glance key performance indicator metrics and customized data segmented specifically to the reporting objectives and goals of our clients. We use these dashboards to gauge current performance, generate questions for deep-dive analysis, and identify trends and opportunities as they arise.

Who needs dashboards? Executives, marketers, analysts, salespeople and content writers all benefit from data that’s customized and applicable to their roles. This allows them to see trends, opportunities and threats as they’re emerging, rather than waiting for conventional wisdom to shift. This is where it all lands, on the ability to make educated and timely decisions. Dashboards and custom reports, customized to maximum relevance, serve this need.

Sample of tools Pace uses:

Google Data Studio

This is the tool we use the most. There’s no cost associated with the base platform and it automatically connects to any products in G Suite. Beyond this, it can also connect to nearly any third-party tool that has an export feature or API connector, usually free or at a low incremental cost. We use our expertise to create Data Studio dashboards for all client accounts.


This is the most powerful, customizable and interactive dashboard tool. Tableau use across all industries has expanded significantly, with recent updates lowering the per-user license fee. We work extensively with this tool to create robust reports combining marketing and content sources.

Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics

Both platforms offer a dashboard tab of premade widgets showing high-level metrics. While these are significantly less powerful, in-depth and customizable compared to the other tools on this list, they still provide value for quick referencing specific KPIs and are an important best practice for analytics reporting.

Custom builds

On occasion, a prebuilt tool does not align with the exact needs of a project. In these cases, we build automated spreadsheets, custom reports and HTML outputs that best provide referenceable and usable data for stakeholders.


Klipfolio, PowerBI, Zoho, AppsFlyer and more! We have expertise wherever our clients are.

We build dashboards customized for our clients’ tools and business objectives that are tailored to primary stakeholders. We provide clear data that any business can use for forward decision-making.

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