Employee engagement doesn’t follow a typical customer journey. As with business and consumer experiences, however, business-to-employee (B2E) content is pivotal to program success. Through deep analytics and audience research, we uncover powerful insights to help you meet your customers where they are with content that’s uniquely tailored to match the employee journey.

Like B2B and B2C programs, Pace’s B2E content initiatives hinge on the careful discovery of audience needs, interests, challenges and objectives. By creating employee personas and customer journey maps, we develop relevant content programs across video, audio, social, email, web, editorial and multichannel formats.

Talent Attraction & Recruitment Marketing

Your business relies on its talent to stay ahead of consumer demand. We enhance talent attraction with a combination of custom-built content resources—ranging from job listings to industry storytelling, from recruitment marketing media to tips and tools for job seekers in relevant roles and industries.

Employee Engagement Content

Whether your brand has 100 or 10,000 employees, your workforce is a direct way to connect with the customers, partners and communities around you. Pace uses B2E content to drive internal engagement and brand love, which ultimately fuels brand advocacy outside your walls. Our holistic strategies span:

  • Institutional storytelling
  • Corporate communications/internal communications
  • Employee training experiences
  • Employee resource hubs and related content

Employee Storytelling 

We help shine a spotlight on your workplace culture. Our teams provide immersive brand storytelling content hubs that showcase your dynamic workplaces through the voices of your greatest assets: your employees.

Our employee storytelling process includes developing and activating stories across:

  • Social channels (internal and external)
  • Video storytelling programs
  • Content hubs, editorial platforms, and print and digital magazines

Employee-Generated Content (EGC)

Employees bring immense power to build direct, authentic, hyperlocal relationships with your audiences. We use omnichannel tactics to leverage employees as a brand’s most immediate storytellers. Our employee-generated content mix includes:

  • Podcasts to tell associate stories
  • Location management profiles
  • Leadership and executive videos
  • Localized social storytelling through employees
  • Long-form editorial (digital or print)

While promoting brands’ employees, we provide tools like ambassador guidelines and content activation examples, building momentum that can span the entire brand ecosystem.

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