Digital strategy is the coordination of cross-functional teams to create data-driven solutions to a brand’s biggest challenges by leveraging key tactics to help along the way. To be clear, content is not the solution, but a tactic that helps us solve most problems.

The Goal

Beginning with a strong measurement framework, the goal of digital strategy is to combine insights, testing and optimization to help solve a problem for a client. At Pace, we believe that a strong digital strategy is the foundation of successful partnerships with our clients and the success of our efforts and approach.

Digital Strategy Capabilities

We use a strategic end-to-end process to identify the needs, do the work, present, and deliver findings and results. We also utilize a suite of professional tools and partnerships that are industry-recognized resources.

Communication Channel Selection

  • Audience analysis
  • Ecosystem mapping and gap analysis
  • Strategies for where content is housed and user flow to draw visibility
  • Content audits to identify trends and gaps in the user journey
  • Digital communication plans

Improving User Experience

  • Heat map testing
  • User testing – moderated and unmoderated
  • Focus groups and digital surveys
  • User testing reports
  • Prelaunch testing and analysis
  • Mind mapping and user flow reports

Platform and Tool Utilization

  • Research on potential platforms and tools
  • Segmentation and personalization – geotargeted, tagged and self-selected
  • Consultation for platforms to use – email, CMS, etc.

Building Search Equity

  • Keyword research for webpages and content pieces (articles, listicles, etc.)
  • Website Audits – technical, SEO, UX/UI via site crawls, indexation reviews and manual reviews of pages
  • Competitive analysis
  • Backlink analysis
  • Page sculpting

Testing and Optimization

  • Email – subject lines, design layouts, day and time of sends
  • Website – A/B testing, search content, heat map testing and user testing

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