Anatomy of a Content Optimization Strategy

How to Prioritize and Improve Your Digital Content Strategy

Content is a valuable business asset that requires maintenance, grooming, and optimization over its entire life cycle, maximizing its return on investment (ROI). This whitepaper explains content optimization — the process of improving content for users, search engines, and business results — a key part of any successful content program that extends the life and reach of your content.

Page Summary: 

  • The Five Core Competencies of Content Optimization
  • Measuring Content Engagement to Maximize Performance
  • Maximize Content Usage Through Governance

The Five Core Competencies of Content Optimization

Our optimization philosophy stems from a culture of encouraged discovery and curiosity, with the goal of improving and increasing clients’ programs by extending the value of their content over time. One can categorize our practice of optimization into five core competencies:

  • Performance: Analytics-driven evaluation of each asset and tactic against defined KPIs
  • Governance: Application of governance plan and business rules to continually refine the content mix
  • Channel and Device Optimization: Optimize content and pages for organic search performance; social content to maximize sharing and engagement
  • Testing: Proactive testing (A/B, multivariate, qualitative/quantitative of UX, creative and asset design and mix)
  • User Experience (UX): Recurring evaluation of content and UX against brand guidelines and internal/external insights
If you are not sharply focused on your optimization strategy, your content performance will suffer.

Measuring Content Engagement to Maximize Performance

Pace’s performance optimization measures content effectiveness in order to stay at or above a program’s pre-determined key performance indicators (KPIs). In order to achieve a high level of consistency, programs should begin with analytics and strategy teams obtaining brand and industry benchmarks as reference points. Listed below are some KPI examples by audience type within a four-level, basic conversion funnel:

Maximize Content Usage Through Governance

Governance plans ensure that content remains effective and relevant to an audience over time. Content can be high and resource time may be limited to creating and circulating new content, so it is vital to adhere to governance plans. These plans also ensure content remains relevant and aligns with goals to maximize KPIs. Here are three key elements of content to review periodically:


Optimization efforts are practical because they allow data-driven strategies to lead the way, rather than making major changes based upon assumptions. An always-testing mode allows you to evolve constantly and improve strategy, messaging, and communication with target markets.

Read the full whitepaper to learn more about channel/device optimization, testing and the user experience as it relates to governance.

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