The social-travel platform Floqsta™ connects like-minded travelers across the globe. By giving travelers the tools and opportunities to build socially compatible connections on a safe and trustworthy platform, Floqsta™ facilitates unforgettable travel experiences for people who want to travel in the company of friends. 

Floqsta sought Pace out to gather base “floqs” of users for the U.S. alpha phase of its new-to-market app. Our team developed and executed a targeted campaign and powerful creative to gather the initial group of users that would serve as the foundation for the app content moving forward. 

With a combination of brand storytelling, media strategy and activation, creative articulation, and campaign optimization, we helped Floqsta gather a core of eager early adopters. 


app installs per day


account conversion rate


new social followers


app reviews. with a 4.5-star average