Over 50 million individuals already monetize their own content through new technologies and publishing platforms. Some of these creators use the same platforms large organizations and celebrities rely on to manage global influence. Many have built their own platforms from scratch. 

In the near future, influence and storymaking power will become even more democratized, giving individuals the potential to reach any audience with minimal reliance on major brands, governments, media networks, or even individual platform providers like Twitter, Meta or Google. 

By the end of next year, we’ll see 2x growth in creators earning direct revenue from their content.

  • We’ll hear stories we’ve never heard before.
  • Creators will be more secure from copyright infringement, theft and deepfake manipulation.
  • Individual voices will bring balance to vacuums once filled by global powers.
  • The storymaking ecosystem will continue to reflect greater diversity and inclusion than at any time in human history.
  • Brands and individuals will shape authentic stories together.

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