Technological innovation spurs massive shifts in human evolution and culture. We’re seeing these shifts at work today with the rise of new wearable technologies, blockchain, AI, immersive interfaces and the metaverse. 

It’s easier to craft purposeful, authentic stories now, thanks to the socioeconomic access technology affords. On the flip side, media bombardment is not only creating an information vacuum around brands and individuals alike but is also shaping our psychological, sociological and physiological makeup at a rapid speed. While medical technologies add years to the average human lifespan, some social technologies take as many years back. 

Storymakers must be courageous in exploring nascent technologies as innovators—not just followers.

The future of storymaking requires a challenging look at the costs and changes surrounding us due to both legacy and emerging technologies. Because culture gravitates so much around novel tech platforms, storymakers and brands must also be courageous in exploring and adopting nascent technologies as innovators—not just followers. 

We’re approaching the true democratization of influence, where any person can become a guiding leader with minimal technology. This move alone will reshape storymaking through the promise of inclusivity and accuracy of information across the globe. These are causes that would not be possible without today’s influx of radical technology—and will not be sustainable without new growth tomorrow. 

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