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Engage or Disrupt? Maximizing Content Investment Through Email Marketing

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Email is a permission-based style of marketing that allows brands to engage consumers with personalized and relevant content. However, many marketers don’t apply best practices to their campaigns and therefore struggle with low subscriber engagement rates, inactive list members and unsubscribes. In this whitepaper, we explore best practices for developing and implementing an email marketing program.

by Jillian Smith

The ROI of Content Marketing

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Pace’s experience in developing content programs for brands across various industries has told us that a program’s effectiveness is contingent on developing a solid framework to measure return on investment, also known as ROI. This framework must be customized for individual brands and programs, and take into consideration both business- and customer-centric objectives.

by Adam Braxton

The Age of Agile Content

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The pressure is on to create winning content that propels brand stories into the market and resonates with consumers. Pace’s Agile Content Engine (ACE)™ is a proprietary content marketing model that allows brands to organize people, processes, platforms and performance into an efficient multi-channel content ecosystem that delivers results.

by Gordon Locke

Anatomy of a Content Optimization Strategy

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Content is a valuable business asset that should be reviewed, revised, and optimized over its entire life cycle, maximizing its return on investment (ROI). The path to content optimization—the process of improving content for users, search engine placement, and business results—is often difficult to navigate. If you are not sharply focused on your optimization strategy, your content performance will suffer.

by Nicole Martin